We've already done Creepshow, but moving into the '90s, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie followed the template of that film pretty heavily to the p...View Details

We move from 1982 to... 1983 in our second '80s anthology film. This time we're going in a little different genre direction, from horror to fantasy, ...View Details

Antholoween continues! We're in the '80s now with the highly esteemed anthology film Creepshow, which couldn't have any more big names attached to it...View Details

Our second anthology film in our trip through the years lands us in 1972 with Tales from the Crypt, the original adaptation of the EC Comics line of ...View Details

We begin our annual Halloween festivities with the first anthology in our Antholoween series, the 1963 film from Mario Bava Black Sabbath. This one's...View Details

It's been two years since we covered the first film in the new IT reboot and It: Chapter Two takes us 27 years later after the kids have grown up and...View Details

We've already done Friday the 13th Parts 1-3 over at the Jay MovieTalk podcast, so we thought for our early Friday the 13th episode we'd go right to ...View Details

Yeah, She's All That might seem like a weird pick for a B&BR episode. But we're a weird podcast, and we enjoy a wide variety of films. That inclu...View Details

Also known as The Stranger's Gundown when released with its English dub, Django the Bastard is a 1969 spaghetti western that is sometimes credited as...View Details

We're taking a look at the second film in the web-slinging Spider-Man series from Marvel. Here Peter Parker travels to Europe and we are loving the w...View Details

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