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Episode 103: DEATH WISH (2018)


Since we did all of the other Death Wish films, we thought it would be important to do this Eli Roth remake as well. Joke's on us - this is the opposite of an important film. It's forgettable, boring, and certainly much less gritty than the original Charles Bronson film, and it also has an uncomfortable obsession with revenge murder. Roth doesn't even have his flair for gore too much here, and Bruce Willis is basically a zombie. Did we like anything about the film? I guess you'll have to listen to find out. And we're drinking Mill House Brewing Company's Cucumber Blessings Cream Ale.

Approximate timeline
0:00 - 20:00 Intro
20:00-35:00 Beer talk
35:00-end Death Wish


Episode 102: BLACK PANTHER


We checked out the insanely popular Black Panther within the Marvel film universe and found it... lukewarm. We really wanted to like this new film from Ryan Coogler and found a lot of its themes interesting, often mirroring some of the best black cinema; but we talk about how the pacing really weighs this film down, how Erik Killmonger is a sympathetic villain who gets way too much exposition rather than actual background, and how the CGI effects and blurry action scenes are some of the worst in the Marvel series. For Ryne, the film was probably his least favorite of the MCU; Martin found it mediocre. Listen in as we talk Black Panther and discuss Epic Brewing Company's Tart 'n Juicy Sour IPA!

Approximate timeline

0:00-12:00 Intro
12:00-25:00 Beer talk
25:00-end Black Panther


Episode 101: THE ROOM


We're talking about Tommy Wiseau's The Room on this episode of Blood and Black Rum Podcast. Ryne has never seen it before, so he's in for a treat. Discussion topics include our favorite scenes, an intricate break-down of how The Room came to be such a cult classic, and a surprising look at love and relationships as we try to get serious about the theme's of the film. We're also talking about Genessee Brewing Company's new Simcoe SMaSH beer.

Approximate timeline

0:00-14:20 Intro
14:20-25:00 Beer talk
25:00-end The Room


Episode 100: 100th Episode Retrospective | JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING


This is our 100th episode! We talk all of the episodes leading up to this in our retrospective, plus we cover Duvel beer as a celebratory drink. Then we get into John Carpenter's The Thing: the special effects, the Ennio Morricone soundtrack, the excellent direction and atmosphere, and other reasons why it's one of our favorite films! We hope you enjoy our 100th episode and here's to 100 more.

Approximate timeline
0:00-23:00 Intro
23:00-41:00 100 episode retrospective
41:00-55:00 Beer talk
55:00-end The Thing


Episode 99: PHENOMENA


We take a look at the horror/giallo film PHENOMENA from Dario Argento, talking about the insane plotting like a girl who can control insects, a random chimp, a disfigured mystery killer, and more! We also get into the power metal soundtrack, Goblin's synth boss battle songs, and Donald Pleasance's resume as entomologist/zookeeper/doctor/author/etc. We're also drinking Sam Adams Oatmeal Stout and Breckinridge Vanilla Porter.

Approximate timeline
0:00-10:00 Intro
10:00-25:00 Beer talk
25:00-end Phenomena

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Episode 98: New Year’s Special | NEW YEAR’S EVIL


We're celebrating New Year's with the only New Year's movie that we really know: NEW YEAR'S EVIL! We're talking about the film's punk rock/hair metal/new wave soundtrack, the early release of this slasher, the reveal of the killer's identity early, enjoying Roz Kelly's getup, and other crazy things about this ridiculous 1980 slasher.

Approximate timeline
0:00-13:00 Intro
13:00-25:00 Beer talk
25:00-end New Year's Evil


Episode 97: Festivus Series | DIE HARD 2


In our final Festivus Series episode, we take a look at Die Hard 2, a very similar sequel to the Bruce Willis-led original. We talk about the differences from the first film, the bloated runtime, John McClane actually making things worse, Reginald VelJohnson's top billing, and the star-studded cast including William Sadler and Dennis Franz! We've also got the Sierra Nevada winter pack on the show.

Approximate timeline

0:00-20:00 Intro

20:00-26:00 Beer talk

26:00-end Die Hard 2




Our Festivus Series continues, and so does our yearly coverage of the Silent Night, Deadly Night series. We're onto part 3, subtitled Better Watch Out!, and we're talking about the lack of Christmas in this film, the poor continuity from the previous movie, the horrible direction and slow pacing, and a whole lot more flaws in this barely-holiday film. Also, we've got Brown's Brewery's Rauchbier on the show!

Approximate timeline

0:00-12:00 Intro 12:00-25:00

Beer talk

25:00 - end Film review


Episode 95: Festivus Series | THE SANTA CLAUSE


We start Festivus 2017 with THE SANTA CLAUSE, the original 1994 comedy starring Tim Allen as a corpulent guy turning into jolly old Saint Nick. We talk about Neal's sweaters, Tim Allen's sarcasm, the underlying sinister intent in the film, Santa Claus kidnapping minors, and other comedy gold from this nostalgic Christmas movie. We're also drinking Brooklyn Winter Lager.

Approximate timeline

0:00-15:00 Intro

15:00-22:00 Beer talk

22:00 - end The Santa Clause


Episode 94: JUSTICE LEAGUE/New Belgium Cellar Blender Sour Ale


We continue our coverage of all of the new superhero films with Justice League - even though we were disappointed with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and only fairly intrigued with Wonder Woman. Justice League is definitely a step up from the former two films but it doesn't match the solid storyline of the latter - we talk about the problematic characterization of the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, the issues with the infusion of tone-deaf humor, JK Simmons' toupee, Aquaman's uselessness, and more! We also drink New Belgium's Cellar Blender Sour Ale!

Approximate timeline

0:00 - 25:00 Intro

25:00 - 35:00 Beer talk

35:00 - end Justice League